Design for Climate

November 17, 2022—Summer 2023

Tropical Modernism: Design for Climate takes the story of the Sarasota School of Architecture on a journey around the globe, engaging with our neighbors in tropical and subtropical regions.

Our shared environmental conditions drive design similarities in both function and aesthetics through a common materials palette and the essential need to address heat and harness the elements.

We’ll explore how Sarasota School of Architecture ideas spanned the globe through publications and teaching and how their influence extended beyond South Florida’s Gulf Coast through built projects: Paul Rudolph in Singapore, Victor Lundy in Houston, Carl Abbott in the Caribbean, Joe Farrell in Hawai’i, and more. The exhibition begins by highlighting similarities in structures built across cultures and regions. Visitors will have the opportunity to interact with materials such as bamboo, brick and concrete to discover for themselves how these materials guide design decisions in tropical environments.

Gallery hours:

Tuesday-Thursday 1:00pm-4:00pm